November 2 - The Shamrock - Murrieta Ca 8pm

November 9 - Lorimar Winery - Temecula Ca 6pm

December 8 - Ponte Winery CHOC Charity (Private Event) - 4pm

December 14 - The Shamrock - Murrieta Ca 8pm



Midnight Satellites have established themselves as staple popular act in the Temecula Valley and San Diego area music scene.  They are simply put,  a band that entertains. A group that not only supplies the party for the person who needs a great night out, but also satisfies the musician who is looking for some refined players to be inspired.  Midnight Satellites has the ability to bring a great crowd and keep them going until the lights go on. Listeners are treated with a great set of music from the downbeat which always keeps the dance floor full of energy and the smiles wide as their sound is an eclectic mix of pop rock, classics and 90s alternative, infused with blues, funk and soul. Always playing to their audience first, it is not uncommon for song requests to be played immediately and improv creations written on the spot for personal celebrations and special occasions. 

  Currently , Midnight Satellites can be seen steadily performing in the popular Temecula Valley Wine Country and other top local music venues as a full band or an acoustic 3 piece at several wineries, special events, weddings and parties.  

Often, you can see a very special guest with Midnight Satellites on Keboards and Vocals, Kodi Lee.  Kodi Lee and Salvatore Spinelli have been working together for several years on music and communication and bringing him into many live shows has proven to be a wonderful addition to the performances. Kodi Lee is a blind, Prodigious Savant (approximately 1 or 25 in the world diagnosed with this gift) and is surely able to amaze most audiences with his uncanny ability to play and sing. Please read more about Kodi Lee here



Originating as a cover band project to entertain themselves and their friends in 2009 (Master Splinter & The Shredders) the following years saw a steady progression into becoming one of the most well known and hardest working bands in their area. With their roots being in hard rock and 90s influenced music, their sound eventually became well rounded with elements of classic rock, blues and pop. 

The drive to write their own music had become strong and the name of the band eventually evolved into Midnight Satellites. Over the course of a few years they had headlined several well known Southern California venues supporting the release of two original albums: MSATS self titled EP and the full length release, Past. Presence. Future.  Both efforts were well received and helped earn the band several awards in the area such as:


2017 Wine Country Music Awards - Best Rock/Pop

2017 Temecula Valley Music Awards - Best Rock 

2015 Temecula Valley Music Awards - Best Rock

2015  iHeart Radio - Balloon & Wine Festival Local Rising Star Winner

2014 iHeart Radio - Balloon & Wine Festival Local Rising Star Winner